Elvira Castillo 


Elvira Castillo is a proud Mount Vernon resident for over 35 years. She has made it her business to serve her community in every possible way. As one of the founders and owners of local Four Seasons Real Estate Center, Castillo has strived to find and provide homes in the region for decades. Her work and grassroots approach has developed a positive reputation; impacting and uplifting the community she holds so dear. 

What began with toys and coats for local children during the holidays each year has become a district wide back to school clothes drive for various homeless shelters. Ms. Castillo’s ability to turn an idea into a movement has been evident. Since moving to Mount Vernon Ms. Castillo has taken her passion for service back to her hometown in the Dominican Republic on numerous occasions. Ms. Castillo has organized neighborhood cleanup days accompanied by community food drives; where she has led discussions on issues like housing and healthcare reform, additionally offering mentoring and consulting resources to the vulnerable and poverty-stricken families that face these issues regularly, conditions that she herself has experienced firsthand. 

Elvira Castillo currently serves as a member of the Fleetwood Park Cooperative Board, where she has been a board member for 22 years, as well as a former board member of Mount Vernon’s Planning Board for over 12 years. She Is currently Acting Chair for the city’s Zoning Board. She has been the Property Manager for Levister Redevelopment Co LLC, which is Mount Vernon’s largest housing complex, for over 10 years. Elvira Castillo is also the founder and President of Westchester Latinos Unidos, a multi-service, nonprofit organization. The mission of the organization / Non-Profit is to strengthen our community from the inside out, by educating, uniting, and facilitating opportunities.

In her spare time, Castillo uses her degree as a Dental Hygienist to provide at-home care and dental care and instruction for seniors. She uses her expertise as a resource for the elderly who may not otherwise have ready access to dental maintenance. Each February during Children's Dental Health Month, Castillo donates Dental and Hygiene  products along with her time to ensure that proper dental attention is attainable, not to mention she loves children and seeing them smile!

As a model for effective change, Castillo’s leadership ability allows her to rise to any occasion, inspiring confidence in others willing to lead and be the change they wish to see. Her practical experience and knowledge of organizational dynamics and tactics suits her capacity to continue to elevate those who surround her. She believes that “You get by giving” and intends on continuing to be of service to her community for as long as she can in any way that she can. Elvira Castillo is a true role model to her family as well as her peers, living proof that where there’s a will, there’s a way.