Green Juices

Emília Carrasco

Elvira Castillo from WLU is an exceptional human being! When I was getting a divorce I did not know where to start she took me by the hand and Referred me to some of the most professional people. They helped me by guiding me through those devastating times. Through it all she kept in touch with me and she made sure that I knew that I was not alone.


Santa Valverde

Gracias a Elvira Castillo de Westchester Latinos Unidos por ayudarme a conseguir mi sección 8 por ella hoy en día disfruto de mi apartamento!

Illuminated Objects

Roberto Garcia

In 40 years that I’ve been a citizen in the United States I had never known the importance of being counted when it was time to fill out the census. Thanks to Elvira Castillo from Westchester Latinos Unidos whom sat down with me and educated me and helped me fill out the census I will now be counted.

Abstract Surface

Jose Cruz

Thank you for helping me and my family the amazing food donation came in so handy! I was able to cook veggies and give milk to my family and neighbors during this trying time. Westchester Latinos Unidos have made a great difference!!

Liquid Bubbles

Andri Perez

I want to compliment the Westchester Latinos Unidos on its speedy handling of the Census event. They made it safe and easy to ask questions and provide my information.

Art Display


Cynthia Burgos from WLU was very instrumental in helping my Bagel Shop continue serving this great community of Fleetwood.